Saturday, November 23, 2013


Well, it's cold now- Summer is REALLY over! I hate to admit this, but I never really put the garden to sleep- I have my fingers crossed that we might get one more warmish spell, and that I will have a spare hour or two to just pull up a few more things and then mulch. I figured instead of writing about how busy I have been, I might as well just share some photos from the past month or so. Here we go!




Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Late Summer Camping

This summer was ridiculously busy, and at the same time, sort of uneventful. Out first camping trip got rained out, but we were lucky enough to squeeze one in before school started. The weather was absolutely perfect, sunny and warm, but not to warm, cool nights, and no rain! We didn't do a whole lot- a quick trip to Eastport, a short hike, walks in the campground, and dinner at Helen's in Machias was all we needed for a super trip to Cobscook Bay State Park. Now for the photos!

campsite visitor #1

our site

Campsite visitor #2- this guy slept in the tree above our tent all night.


Oops, I wore sandals, no socks and shorts. Only 2 of the little buggers got me though!

Shackford Head

Aquaculture in Eastport

Monday, September 9, 2013


This spring, when we got a handful of new chickens, I knew that a few of the breeds were known to go broody. I was hoping that they would too! Nothing happened in the spring...or all summer...until now! My splash marans bit the bullet and started setting. We've now got 3 chicks- 2 welsummer x chantelcer and one welsummer x marans. They are awfully cute, and it was really neat to watch the process- seeing them hatch and grow has been a great experience.


I know it's not fall yet, but it sure feels like it! It was 37 degrees when I woke up this morning! I've got pickles and pickled beets made...finally, and some green beans frozen. My garden was a bit of a mess this year, but you know, it's ok. The chickens have enjoyed the overgrown chard and the lettuce that went to seed, and I've had a fair amount of fresh produce, plus some red potatoes to store for a bit.

We did make a trip to Cobscook Bay State Park before the end of the summer- I'll post some of those photos later!

Monday, August 12, 2013


August is always one of my favorite months. It seems to be warm and kind. The air seems to dry out a bit, and plenty of things are ready for eating from the garden. It's also our anniversary month ( 8 years this year!) and Joe and I both have the same week off for vacation. Lots of things have been going on- the summer is flying! I ran my first 5k in july...lots of hills, and it was super hot and humid, but I still finished in about 31 minutes, next year I think I will choose a 5k with a flatter course!

Dragoflies everywhere!
reason for the dragonfly swarm...

This year's garden is a mess. Yes, there are some vegetables in there, but really it's a tangle of grass, weeds and things that have bolted quickly. At one point, I attempted to gain control, but the weather and my busy schedule eventually won out, and now the garden is slightly embarrassing. Corn is tall, almost ready to pick- I am worried though, when I squeeze the ears, they don't feel full. Also, this has been my worst year for potatoes. Japanese beetles did a number on them, and starting out, because I waited a little longer than usual, I was not impressed with the seed potatoes I got. I've started digging them, and my yield is much smaller than at this time last year. I've got lots of green beans and cucumbers though! I need to start blanching and freezing beans, and I need to make a batch of pickles asap!

Chickens are doing well. No more predator issues at this point, thank goodness. We have one who has decided to go broody- I had a feeling it might happen. Luna the splash marans is setting on 7 eggs. There were 3 under her, but I figured I should shove a few more under there- we will see what happens, not sure our fertility is as high as it was with one of the old rooster, but I'm sure a few of the eggs should be fertile that I stuck under her.


We fostered a kitten this summer. We heard him crying outside of our house for 2 nights, and finally caught him. We decided it was not the right time for us to have another cat, but volunteered to foster him for the local shelter until he was big enough to be adopted. Poor little guy was under 2 pounds when we found him! He was sweet and so adorable. A friend of a friend ended up adopting him, so everything turned out ok in the end. The day before I brought him back to the shelter I heard and saw another kitten in the woods- we were not able to catch that one. I don't know if a cat had a litter out there somewhere, or if someone was dumping them because we live in a rural area. I am just glad we were able to help this one little guy!

It's sad to say, but "summer" will be over in about 3 weeks. Joe will be starting his new job at a new school, and I was be starting my last year of classes. It should be an exciting and busy year, but I've got to try to shove a whole summer into these next 3 weeks! I need beach trips, hiking, relaxing, camping....we will be heading to Cobscook bay the weekend after next for sure, but I better get planning if I want to get everything else in!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

HOT days in July!

I looked back at my last post- apparently it was a cold day. Well, it's not cold anymore! It's 92 degrees right now, and it has been hot and humid for some time, hot and humid in between lots of rain. I suppose I should keep my mouth shut, but you know, I'd like that cold day back right now. It's too hot for me!

Sunset at camp
My summer classes are finally done! Phew! I don't think I'll do that again! To celebrate, we took a quick trip to camp. It was not quite as hot, and the lake is there, so relief was always close! We brought bikes and fished. I caught 2 nice trout for dinner. We saw a moose. It's funny, seeing a moose is just one of the things you do when you go to Eustis. In the evening, after dinner, you get in your car, drive to Stratton and head towards the dump- before you get there, you turn into the towns salt and sand lot- there are bogs on each side, and the moose are always there. It sort of feels like a drive in movie, because there can be anywhere from 5-15 other vehicles parked there watching for moose.  Hopefully we will get back up there soon and be able to spend more than one night.

Swimming buddies

The new chickens are settling in nicely- I should take some pictures. We had to cull one recently- she was very mean, and was sick. I treated her to the extent that I could, but it came down to making a decision about the health and safety of the entire flock. It sucked even more because we couldn't eat the meat. Both Joe and I cried...again. God. It's all part of our responsibility though. I suppose if I'm not willing to do that, I shouldn't have chickens.

sunrise on Litchfield road

welsummer pullets

The garden is growing- we have been eating lettuce, chard and beet greens. The corn is past my knees. The rain has been good for the veggies....and the weeds! It's a mess! I'm slowly taking it back though- I've been pulling weeds and finally laying down newspapers and hay. I'll take a photo when I'm done!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Cold Day in June

The end of May flew past. So did the beginning of June. So much time has been eaten up by summer classes. My Biology class is honestly kicking my butt! Class for 5 hours 2 times a week, plus studying every other waking second- well, in between work for my other class, work, and everything else that must happen on a typical day to keep things running around here!

Nothing beats fresh lettuce

The garden is 90% planted. Everything that is planted has sprouted ( yay!) 

I planted strawberries, and make a little fence, that is not doing it's job! Strawberries were just starting to get thing you know, chickens got through it and had a little snack.

Speaking of chickens- we lost 3 last week, in the middle of the day, to a predator. Based on the attack, type of wounds, and location of the bodies, we are guessing fox. There were some tracks down by the brook, but the mud was quite deep, and the tracks were distorted- they looked like the could have been bobcat or fox.  It was particularly sad because it was 3 we had raised from day olds, 3 super friendly girls. It's impossible to not notice their absence, as they were the type to always coming running whenever you went outside. Everyone is locked in the coop when we are not home now.

We are headed towards Houlton to pick up some new layers and a rooster this week. I think we also need to expand the run if they are spending more time there. Or...we could just get a guard llama!

Chickens in a sun shower

Something else interesting to mention- we've got a few newly hatched fly catchers in a nest up under the covered porch of the shed! This is the 3rd year they have built a nest, but the first year they have hatched chicks. It's got to be the same couple- I see them every year, they spend a lot of time in the apple tree, and near the garden. I love to see them swoop down and pick off bugs. I had to sneak a peak up in the nest the other day- mother bird was not happy with this though, so I quickly got out of her space.