Thursday, December 27, 2012

Etsy Shop

I decided it was time to reactivate the Etsy shop- I only have a few items up right now. I need to dig through my boxes to find a few neat vintage/antique items to list too.

Check it out if you like!

My Etsy Shop!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas Elf

This year I decided I was going to make the majority of my christmas gifts. Great idea, right? It was, I suppose, a good idea, if I had started a bit earlier! I was too busy with classes to really get a head start, but as soon as I completed that last final, I got to it!

First, I worked on earrings for the girls.

Then, I moved on to the bags- reusable grocery bags. I bought a pretty natural fabric and some iron on transfer paper- I printed out black and white sketches of a fruit, and it's flower for the front and back of the bag. They came out just like I hoped!

Next was the sweets- I made white chocolate baileys truffles and mint chocolate truffles and peppermint bark and mini meringue hearts...I swear I spent a whole week in the kitchen.

My sister came over to help with the second batch of peppermint bark, and in the middle of the process,  the power went out.
waiting for the power to come back on

After making two batches of peppermint bark, and had a bunch of little bits and pieces left from the cutting, so I then made Chocolate Peppermint Bark Cookies. YUM.

I did take a little break in between all the kitchen madness to walk Tikaani...


I have been slacking on the photos lately. If it would snow...and not rain, maybe I'd be a little more inspired!