Monday, March 4, 2013

There Are 16 Days Until The First Day of Spring...

...But who's counting?!

I sure am. March first is a big deal in Maine I least to me. Sure, we still get snow into April sometimes, but the days are getting noticeably longer and when the sun is out you can feel the warmth. Also, it marks an end to constant cold. As soon as we turn the corner into March, above freezing days happen more often. This is good for many reason, one of them being my dwindling wood pile!

hanging out across the street....

Please don't eat my chickens!

browsing the neighbors grass pile

From the top of Mt. birthday hike

After the last big snow storm

turkey in a tree!

prints made from the wings of the turkey as it took off

Sure, we have the whole "mud season" season to get through, but like I said, we have turned the corner, the majority of winter is behind us and I can start doing spring things.

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