Monday, April 22, 2013

Some Spring Things

                                                                                                                                                                      The days are getting warmer, well some of them. We have had a fairly cool spring so far- we had frost this morning when I woke up. Progress is happening, and being made. Over the weekend, although I have a nasty spring cold, I did manage to pick and pull more rocks out of the garden, and Joe straightened the edge of the garden, which increased the size slightly ( enough for at least one extra row of beets!) I also picked up a load of cow manure from a relative down the road- some went on the garden, but a lot went back on the compost pile, as it had a lot of grass in it. When it's free you can't really complain though!

The ever expanding rock pile. I took a wheelbarrow full of smaller rocks and dumped them down back.

I also successfully made yogurt! Last weekend, I attempted to, but because of a few small errors on my part, it did not set at all. This time I was a little more attentive, and found a different method ( using a warm oven to incubate) and had success! It set up nice and thick and tastes great. What I would really like to do is find someone whom I could trade with- for raw milk- eggs? veggies? anything for about a half gallon a month- because jeeze, I don't see myself eating more than a half gallon of yogurt every month!

Flowers are coming up, the Daphne is pretty much in full bloom, and now the trillium ( Stinking Benjamin's) are opening up too. A few happen to be living, with my assistance in my front garden. They are Joe's favorite flower.

Lilies from my grandmother's garden

"The Shed Master" He is shedding so bad right now that this is his current nickname.

Buddha watching over my stinkin benjamin's

My few seedlings are doing fine- I don't have a proper set up to start much here. I'd love a greenhouse- maybe next year! This years plan for garden expansion includes two small beds near the big garden- one for strawberries and one for...whatever I want- I plan to try to put some low tunnels up over one of the beds and see how that works out. Anything to extend the growing season would be super!

Jalapenos- just over a month old
Scallions- in my MOOmilk planter!
Not the best photo in the world...but who cares, the bluebirds are here!
friendly flycatcher- every year since we have been here there has been a pair that nests somewhere near the house, and I love watching them snatch bugs out of my garden!


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

April Vacation

Found this in the old dump pile in the woods behind our house
I am currently in the middle of my April vacation. I have got the week off from classes and homework, and I even have 2 days off from work! I'd say at this point, I've got a 50/50 split of time spent being productive and time spent relaxing. I scrubbed the bathroom walls yesterday ( how exciting...) and the day before, turned over the garden with a pitchfork to expose some grubs. The chickens had a great time eating up the earthworms and whatever other living things wiggled around in the dirt. I also treated myself to a facial at the beauty school ( you can't beat a $15.00 facial!)

It rained most of Monday, which is fine, it melted almost all of the rest of the snow in our yard, and it was sunny yesterday, and it is today, but it's cold!! 25 degrees this morning. I'm being a bit of a wimp, and waiting until it gets a little warmer to rake the dirt and rocks from my lawn left by the plow.

We are getting around 7 eggs a day now....
What I will do today though is make a birthday cake for Joe...Margie Standish's Melt in Your Mouth Blueberry Cake to be exact. He asks for it every year...with cream cheese frosting. I'm also going to attempt to make my own sushi for the first time....wish me luck!

Tomorrow there is a possibility of a little adventure with a friend to go wrangle some geese. It should be a good time, and I could stand to go more than 5 miles away from this house!

Bedroom window lettuce..about ready to eat!
In other spring news, The onions are getting bigger, and the Jalapenos have leaves! I had planned to start flowers inside too, I guess it's not too late if I get on it right away!


Mysterious "icicle"...I want to know how this happened??