Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Late Summer Camping

This summer was ridiculously busy, and at the same time, sort of uneventful. Out first camping trip got rained out, but we were lucky enough to squeeze one in before school started. The weather was absolutely perfect, sunny and warm, but not to warm, cool nights, and no rain! We didn't do a whole lot- a quick trip to Eastport, a short hike, walks in the campground, and dinner at Helen's in Machias was all we needed for a super trip to Cobscook Bay State Park. Now for the photos!

campsite visitor #1

our site

Campsite visitor #2- this guy slept in the tree above our tent all night.


Oops, I wore sandals, no socks and shorts. Only 2 of the little buggers got me though!

Shackford Head

Aquaculture in Eastport

Monday, September 9, 2013


This spring, when we got a handful of new chickens, I knew that a few of the breeds were known to go broody. I was hoping that they would too! Nothing happened in the spring...or all summer...until now! My splash marans bit the bullet and started setting. We've now got 3 chicks- 2 welsummer x chantelcer and one welsummer x marans. They are awfully cute, and it was really neat to watch the process- seeing them hatch and grow has been a great experience.


I know it's not fall yet, but it sure feels like it! It was 37 degrees when I woke up this morning! I've got pickles and pickled beets made...finally, and some green beans frozen. My garden was a bit of a mess this year, but you know, it's ok. The chickens have enjoyed the overgrown chard and the lettuce that went to seed, and I've had a fair amount of fresh produce, plus some red potatoes to store for a bit.

We did make a trip to Cobscook Bay State Park before the end of the summer- I'll post some of those photos later!