Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Underrated Rainy Days

There is nothing I love more than a nice sunny day, but honestly, rainy days can be quite beautiful as well, especially now that everything is greening up.  It's hard to explain exactly what it is that makes it so beautiful- which I find is often the case with nature. Maybe it's the fact that the new leaves pop so much against the foggy backdrop, or maybe it's the way you can almost see things grow as they suck up the much needed water. Whatever it is, the only way to really appreciate it is to get outside! This is not one of those things that can be enjoyed to it's fullest by sitting in your living room and looking out the window. Even if it is pouring rain like nobodies business, I challenge you to suit up in all of your rain gear and get out on a trail, in the woods, or even just your backyard, and appreciate the unique energy that comes from a day like this.
-The chicks are one week old today! They all seem to be healthy, and I'm noticing the feathers in their wings getting bigger. Yesterday I gave them a little scrambled egg, and boy was the fun! One of the girls grabbed a piece, and when everyone else noticed she had some new and interesting food, the chased her around, very entertaining for me!

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