Wednesday, June 13, 2012

We Doubled Our Chickens....

My original order of chicks was for six. Two White Rocks, and 4 Aracaunas. After much nursing, one of the Aracaunas did not make it, and for some reason, I just felt that 5 chickens was not enough, so Joe gave me the go ahead to replace sick chick. I replaced sick chick with 5 more! We picked them up this weekend from Empire Acres farm, and so far, so good. No major fights, just a little bosy rudeness. ...Because really, what could be better than 5 chickens.....but 10 chickens!

We added 2 8 week old Buff Orpingtons, an 8 week old Aracauna and a pair of 6 week old Barred Rocks. It's funny though, my six week old girls are about as big as the new 8 week olds...and the new six week olds look tiny...apparently I have some fat spoiled chickens!

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