Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Nasty Grub And One More Trip Down East

       I posted a photo of one of my damaged potatoes- which was minimal compared to others, but I did not post a photo of the culprit- well here it is! If anyone has suggestions about how to rid my plot of these buggers please let me know!

We made one more trip to Cobscook Bay earlier this week. We had nice weather while we were there and stayed in another great site. Good thing something was nice, because the old Subaru almost didn't make it- it was majorly overheating and we stopped to have someone check it out and they said we have serious head gasket problems. Armed with the jug of coolant and blasting the heat in the car though, we made it home without a tow.

Along the "outlaw" shortcut- somewhere near Cherryfield.

I told Joe I'd get him some clams. I failed!

Joe, on the other hand, was very successful!

Best way to start the day- view from the campsite.

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