Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Useless in Eustis

   I'm sad to say that this past Sunday was the very first time we were able to make the trip to Eustis this year. I'm hoping we can get up there at least once more for some fall hiking.


   Our typical Eustis trip begins with sleeping in- it's only and hour and a half away, so no big deal. We stop and pick up lunch in Kingfield, at Anni's Market. They have great sandwiches! Our next stop is less than a mile down the road at Tranten's. I'd say this is your best pick for groceries in the area. From here it is about a half hour to camp. After we pass Sugarloaf, we stop in Stratton at Diamond Corner Bed and Breakfast to pick up something sweet. The woman who owns this B&B bakes the most fabulous pies! This time we picked up a small cheesecake with blueberry topping.

View from Camp

  Once we get into camp, which is not hard to get too, as it is right on route 27 between Cathedral Pines and The Pines Market, we sit down and eat- and go from there!

 On our previous camping trip we had our last ride in the Subaru. The amount of money that was required to fix the head gasket issues, among other things, was not worth it, so although this is not the best time for us to take on a new car payment, we went out looking, and came away with a beautiful 2005 toyota tacoma with very low miles. Eustis is a great place to have a truck, so we tried it out!
trying out the new ride

  We drove all the way around the back side of Flagstaff lake- this entail going north from camp and getting on King and Bartlett road, which is currently being logged, so the road had been improved a bit. We continued along, stopping at a few places- the Dead River and Spring lake, and eventually hooked back up with the Carriage road, about 15 miles south of camp. It was a super fun ride!

Spring Lake/Flagstaff Mountain

The Dead River

A typical night in Eustis means eating dinner and then driving down into Stratton, turning on to route 16, and then pulling off at the town salt and sand pit- below the sand and salt piles is a big bog that attracts moose! This was the first time that we did NOT see one though. Oh well! We then drove up on top of Eustis Ridge, where we saw two deer cross in front of us.
No moose, only crows.
The Bigelow's from Eustis Ridge


   We headed out before lunch the next morning and stopped along the carrabassett river and walked up aways on the narrow gauge pathway, which runs along the river- we will check that out more on the next trip!

Joe and Tikaani enjoying the Carrabassett River.

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