Monday, September 10, 2012


     Well, it's September again! I love fall in Maine, and the fairs, and apples ( and pie and crisp and cake...) but along with the good things, there are some not-as-fun things. School, for example. I am going full time this semester for the first time in a LONG time. It's good I suppose, I need to finish my degree -at this point, it looks like my 4 year degree in Special Education is going to take about 11 years...

  Back to the fun stuff! We always go to the Litchfield Fair. I like it because it's small and it's close. In past years, I have walked through the exhibition hall and thought to myself that my veggies and such looked much better than some of the winners, so this year I got it together and entered my Bread and Butter pickles and some pickling cukes. I had some awesome carrots...but I ate them all, and the second planting was still too small!
   I was beyond thrilled when we went to the fair on Saturday to see that I had won blue ribbons for both of my entries!! It made my week.

Mine are in the middle- my Grandmothers recipe.

  The rest of the time at the fair was spent eating fair food ( Yum) and trying to make Joe love the goats a little more....just enough so he lets me get a few.

see, he really does want goats...
New Family Members???

mini horses!
4-H exhibits

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