Monday, October 1, 2012

Chicken Things...

    Over the weekend, we got the rooster. We picked up a black Ameracauna from the Poultry Swap in Augusta. He's real pretty, and he's nice- he just needs to figure out his place among the 10 ladies. He's a little intimidated by our big Buff Orpingtons right now. He also needs a name.

They all seem to be transitioning to fall alright- they get in the coop earlier to adjust to the shortening days, and I am cleaning the coop less. I've head that the deep bedding method is a good way to keep things warmer in the coop, so I'll give it a try, although I swear as soon as I decided this they decided to poop 5 times more than they were before...


Also, I've got more eggs! I've found one egg a day since Saturday. That brings me to a total of 4 so far. I ate the first one of course. I'm saving the rest to make caramel custard. I need 6 eggs- so maybe by Thursday I'll have it in the oven.

   As far as non-chicken things go, not too much is happening. I need to order wood. The chimney needs to be cleaned and somehow, it's already October 1st?!
dust bath

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