Monday, October 22, 2012

It's Almost November???

I don't know where the days went, but it looks like it's almost November. This happened way too fast for me this year! We usually take a trip up north at least once in the fall, but so far we have been rained out 3 times. We will try again next weekend, but already, it's not looking good.

    The chickens are laying, a little. I think I've got 5 out of 10 giving me eggs now. The Rooster (Cyrus) is still quite shy. He is sweet, but he lets some of the ladies get away with a little too much. I suppose this is better than having an aggressive rooster.
Speckle showing off her pretty beard

   Next weekend is opening day of deer hunting season. I dropped Joe's gun off for a good cleaning next week- maybe this will help? I'd love to have a deer in the freezer. That would mean no more buying beef this winter. I've got a bunch of moose right now- Uncle got one in Aroostook county a few weeks ago.

    We made the most of the sun yesterday and took the dog for a walk at Jimmie's Pond. Foliage is past peak, but that's ok, it was still a gorgeous day.

Jimmie's Pond


  1. Gosh I would love a deer too... next year I would like to hunt too and get one for myself! and a turkey too since they hang out on the lawn here!

  2. Oh the turkeys! I think I could go hit one over the head with a frying pan...yes, I know this is not legal, but I think it might be that easy ;)