Friday, November 30, 2012

It's Getting Cold Outside!

Today is the last day of November...It's getting colder, but there is still no snow. I have been working on never ending projects for school every day this week- but, because it is the last day of November, there is an end in sight!

Two interesting things to share- One, I made pasta by hand for the first time. It was not difficult, it just required a good amount of time and work. I'll do it again someday.... 
   I made the spinach pasta out of the Enchanted Broccoli Forest Cookbook by Molly Katzen

Can't forget the meatballs!

Minor snowsqual happening as we approach

Also, last weekend we finally did a decent hike. We did Tumbledown, one of my favorites. Of course we chose the coldest day in over 2 weeks...
going up...

You hike all this way, feel like you must almost be there, and then are faced with this...
For anyone that is familiar with the mountain, we took the loop trail- which is just slightly shorter to the top, but a whole lot steeper- and plus, there is this cave/rock tunnel thing ( Fat Mans Misery) that you must climb/crawl through to get to the top. It's fine for humans...but we took the dog!  The combination of the height of the thing, plus all of the ice made it nearly impossible to get him through, but on the third try, he made it. We won't ever go up the mountain via that trail with the dog again though!
little ice on the trail...
approaching fat mans misery
Ahhh the top!

We brought lunch for the top, but it was too cold and windy to sit and eat- so we hightailed it down the brook trail and headed home.
tumbledown pond


  1. That pasta looks so delicious. And absolutely stunning pictures.

  2. Thanks! The pasta was worth the work!

  3. I love tumbledown! I cant imagine doing it in the cold though. I am a wimp. My little pup would never be able to make it up there!