Friday, November 9, 2012

November Rain....or Snow....

Hurricane Sandy mostly left us alone- we got some heavy rain, and A beautiful rainbow in the backyard in the middle of it all.

The first real snow fell yesterday, thank you nor'easter- we got about an inch and a half. It couldn't be enjoyed though, because for the rest of the day is just rained this awful cold, windswept rain.  Someone said there is an old saying about this- something along the lines of "when the first snow is melted by rain all the rest will be the same..." Let's hope this is not true!

The Cabin

We did finally make it up to Monson. We stayed a night in the cabin, drove around through Bodfish Valley, Shirley, Blanchard and Abbot, Visited John and Donna, and ate breakfast in Greenville at Kelly's Landing.  It was a good visit. We say a few through hikers in Bodfish Valley- just off of Barren Mountain- I wouldn't like to be on the AT at this time of year.....

Barren Mountain

Japanese Larch Plantation- Bob Young Road-(plum creek owned)

Shirley Pond, Shirley, Maine

Moosehead Lake

Monson, Maine

Monster egg! It was a double yoker.

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