Monday, January 21, 2013

I Couldn't Take it Any Longer!

I couldn't wait to grow things, that is! A week or so ago I planted some lettuce in a window box and set it on the front porch- it finally sprouted! I brought it inside though, because it's supposed to be below zero every night for the next 4 days, and the front porch is not insulated.

I placed a small order with Johnny's- I did not want to miss out on my red gold potatoes, which sold out last year. I am trying a new variety of corn this year, and will grow jalepeno's to hopefully pickle for Joe- I have nothing to do with them, but he loves them, and I love there you go.

Lettuce- now living on the south facing bedroom window sill.

It's that time of year, where I know it's winter, and it's still going to be winter for awhile, but we've passed mid January, and I can see, somewhere, in the not so distant future- Spring. I can get away with starting some veggies inside next month, and not too long after that, I can think about tapping the maples ( if we go that route again this year!).

My break from classes is completely over now- back to the grind- I've got classes this semester with first year students, and it makes me feel a little old. I suppose it's my own fault- one, for taking so long to take a basic math class, and two, for taking so long to finish college!
They always think they want to go out, even if it's freezing cold.
Despite the cold, we've been getting a fair amount of eggs lately.

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  1. Love the lettuce and the pic of the escapees lol! I don't blame you, if I lived where it was very cold, I'd want a little bit of spring, too :) Have a great week!