Wednesday, July 18, 2012

New Potatoes.

I've been picking and eating beet greens for awhile now. I love them so much! I also love beets in general- so I plant many rows. Now is the time though where everything else starts getting good for the eating. I've got new potatoes and a few carrots to go along with the beets. I've also got cucumbers, which means it's going to be pickle time soon!

I love this time of year!

Husband and I have been discussing food lately- I signed up for a food buying coop early this year which connects people with fresh local goods. This is super because I am able buy anything from grass fed beef at an awesome price to veggies, fruits, breads and anything else you could imagine that might be grown or farmed here in Maine. It's called the Kennebec Local Food Initiative. I would highly recommend anyone in the greater Augusta/Gardiner area to check this out!

Sunset Sky

Back to the Husband though. We are both on the same page about buying local, wholesome foods, and about not supporting factory farming and the meat that comes from that process. He told me the other day that he would agree to be "vegetarian" unless we could eat meat that came from a local source that we "knew". I put vegetarian in quotes because this is not vegetarian at is just eating less meat....but I understood what he meant. So the promise is made- no meat from "bad" sources, and move veggie dishes....which brings me to my new issue/need: more vegetarian recipes! Anyone willing to share anything here??
Dirt road drivin' Down East.

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