Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Trip Number Two

    Trip Number Two has now come and gone. We had a few small mishaps along the way, but overall, it was a great success!

        I'll start with mishap number one. This was more of a near mishap, but it is mentionable none the less! Maritime Canada has been one of our favorite places to travel to over the years, but we have not been since they decided to make a rule requiring passports to re-enter the US. We were dead set on getting there this time, and so, the day before our trip, we got photos and applications ready for a passport, as we heard we could get a temporary authorization to get back to our country. When we arrived at the post office, we learned that we needed an appointment, and they were booked for the whole day!! Ah! But, The man working that day saved us, he squeezed us in between appointments and authorized our birth certificates. Thank You Sir!

We missed you Canada!

    We left nice and early, and arrived at the campground in time to set up our site, and then go visit Tide Mill Organic Farm, which is just down the road. It was Open Farm Day in Maine( See more here...), so they had BBQ chicken and fresh milk to sample, along with a hay ride, which we most definitely went on with the dog! Many thanks to Aaron Bell for showing us around.
Open Farm Day at Tide Mill Organic Farm

Site 110

    Our next mishap happened in the campground. We bottomed out in the Subaru!! Our exhaust broke at one of the joints, and sounded so loud it was embarrassing.  Thank goodness though for some more good luck, we found a garage that had the part and could weld the exhaust for us. I can't remember the exact name of the place, But it is owned by the Hallowell family. They were very kind and helpful to us, and their prices were great.

Tikaani enjoying the site
   We are on our way again! We spent the rest of the day island hopping. We took the ferry out of Eastport to Deer Island ( with a minor mishap in Eastport- We bought a lobster roll at J'romes Pizzeria and did not eat it until we were on Deer Island, where we discovered it was not real! How dare they serve us imitation lobster?!) We were the only car on the ferry over- we finally made our way back to Canada! We watched the massive tidal whirl pool named Old Sow, spotted a few seals, then drove from one end of the island and back and then boarded the Ferry to Campobello Island.

   Trips down east are never completed without stopping at Helen's, so we did. We both got the amazing french dip sandwich and shared a piece of the most delicious, fresh, award winning blueberry cream pie.



  1. I have totally been to that helens. So good. I love the patty melt!

  2. I wish it was not so far away! They also have an excellent open faced turkey sandwich with gravy and stuffing and cranberry sauce...I'm making myself hungry....