Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Cold Day in June

The end of May flew past. So did the beginning of June. So much time has been eaten up by summer classes. My Biology class is honestly kicking my butt! Class for 5 hours 2 times a week, plus studying every other waking second- well, in between work for my other class, work, and everything else that must happen on a typical day to keep things running around here!

Nothing beats fresh lettuce

The garden is 90% planted. Everything that is planted has sprouted ( yay!) 

I planted strawberries, and make a little fence, that is not doing it's job! Strawberries were just starting to get thing you know, chickens got through it and had a little snack.

Speaking of chickens- we lost 3 last week, in the middle of the day, to a predator. Based on the attack, type of wounds, and location of the bodies, we are guessing fox. There were some tracks down by the brook, but the mud was quite deep, and the tracks were distorted- they looked like the could have been bobcat or fox.  It was particularly sad because it was 3 we had raised from day olds, 3 super friendly girls. It's impossible to not notice their absence, as they were the type to always coming running whenever you went outside. Everyone is locked in the coop when we are not home now.

We are headed towards Houlton to pick up some new layers and a rooster this week. I think we also need to expand the run if they are spending more time there. Or...we could just get a guard llama!

Chickens in a sun shower

Something else interesting to mention- we've got a few newly hatched fly catchers in a nest up under the covered porch of the shed! This is the 3rd year they have built a nest, but the first year they have hatched chicks. It's got to be the same couple- I see them every year, they spend a lot of time in the apple tree, and near the garden. I love to see them swoop down and pick off bugs. I had to sneak a peak up in the nest the other day- mother bird was not happy with this though, so I quickly got out of her space.


  1. Great sunshower photo! We have the same little guys in our wood shed. It looks like they had built a nest last year but this year there are 3 big chicks in one tiny little nest. Yesterday I was out sneaking pictures of them too. :)

  2. We also had 3 in our nest! They barely fit! They have all flown the nest now- I hope they stay close and continue to snatch bugs out of the air :)