Saturday, July 6, 2013

HOT days in July!

I looked back at my last post- apparently it was a cold day. Well, it's not cold anymore! It's 92 degrees right now, and it has been hot and humid for some time, hot and humid in between lots of rain. I suppose I should keep my mouth shut, but you know, I'd like that cold day back right now. It's too hot for me!

Sunset at camp
My summer classes are finally done! Phew! I don't think I'll do that again! To celebrate, we took a quick trip to camp. It was not quite as hot, and the lake is there, so relief was always close! We brought bikes and fished. I caught 2 nice trout for dinner. We saw a moose. It's funny, seeing a moose is just one of the things you do when you go to Eustis. In the evening, after dinner, you get in your car, drive to Stratton and head towards the dump- before you get there, you turn into the towns salt and sand lot- there are bogs on each side, and the moose are always there. It sort of feels like a drive in movie, because there can be anywhere from 5-15 other vehicles parked there watching for moose.  Hopefully we will get back up there soon and be able to spend more than one night.

Swimming buddies

The new chickens are settling in nicely- I should take some pictures. We had to cull one recently- she was very mean, and was sick. I treated her to the extent that I could, but it came down to making a decision about the health and safety of the entire flock. It sucked even more because we couldn't eat the meat. Both Joe and I cried...again. God. It's all part of our responsibility though. I suppose if I'm not willing to do that, I shouldn't have chickens.

sunrise on Litchfield road

welsummer pullets

The garden is growing- we have been eating lettuce, chard and beet greens. The corn is past my knees. The rain has been good for the veggies....and the weeds! It's a mess! I'm slowly taking it back though- I've been pulling weeds and finally laying down newspapers and hay. I'll take a photo when I'm done!

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